Simultaneous removal of CO2, NOx and SOx using single stage absorption column

S. Komar Kawatra , Sriram Valluri


Received August 31, 2020,Revised , Accepted November 03, 2020, Available online December 04, 2020

Volume 33,2021,Pages 279-287

Capturing flue gases often require multiple stages of scrubbing, increasing the capital and operating costs. So far, no attempt has been made to study the absorption characteristics of all the three gases (NO, SO2 and CO2) in a single stage absorption unit at alkaline pH conditions. We have attempted to capture all the three gases with a single wet scrubbing column. The absorption of all three gases with sodium carbonate solution promoted with oxidizers was investigated in a tall absorption column. The absorbance was found to be 100% for CO2, 30% for NO and 95% for SO2 respectively. The capture efficiency of sodium carbonate solution was increased by 40% for CO2 loading, with the addition of oxidizer. Absorption kinetics and reaction pathways of all the three gases were discussed individually in detail.

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