Investigation of suitable precursors for manganese oxide catalysts in ethyl acetate oxidation

Hong He , Yan Zhang , Meng Wang , Shunyu Kang , Tingting Pan , Hua Deng , Wenpo Shan


Received August 24, 2020,Revised , Accepted November 01, 2020, Available online December 09, 2020

Volume 33,2021,Pages 17-26

The control of ethyl acetate emissions from fermentation and extraction processes in the pharmaceutical industry is of great importance to the environment. We have developed three Mn2O3 catalysts by using different Mn precursors (MnCl2, Mn(CH3COO)2, MnSO4), named as Mn2O3-Cl, -Ac, -SO4. The tested catalytic activity results showed a sequence with Mn precursors as: Mn2O3-Cl > Mn2O3-Ac > Mn2O3-SO4. The Mn2O3-Cl catalyst reached a complete ethyl acetate conversion at 212℃ (75℃ lower than that of Mn2O3-SO4), and this high activity 100% could be maintained high at 212℃ for at least 100 hr. The characterization data about the physical properties of catalysts did not show an obvious correlation between the structure and morphology of Mn2O3 catalysts and catalytic performance, neither was the surface area the determining factor for catalytic activity in the ethyl acetate oxidation. Here we firstly found there is a close linear relationship between the catalytic activity and the amount of lattice oxygen species in the ethyl acetate oxidation, indicating that lattice oxygen species were essential for excellent catalytic activity. Through H2 temperature-programmed reduction (H2-TPR) results, we found that the lowest initial reduction temperature over the Mn2O3-Cl had stronger oxygen mobility, thus more oxygen species participated in the oxidation reaction, resulting in the highest catalytic performance. With convenient preparation, high efficiency, and stability, Mn2O3 prepared with MnCl2 will be a promising catalyst for removing ethyl acetate in practical application.

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