Detailed in-furnace measurements with reburning of superfine pulverized coal in high CO2 concentration

Xiumin Jiang , Jun Shen , Jiaxun Liu , Shengxiang Deng , Sha Wang , Bin Chen


Received July 23, 2020,Revised , Accepted December 05, 2020, Available online December 28, 2020

Volume 33,2021,Pages 326-334

This paper presents detailed measurements of gaseous species during the reburning process with high CO2 concentration in a bench-scale furnace. Superfine pulverized coal, with the average particle size below or around 20 μm, is used as the reburning fuel. The data of flue gas concentration (NOx, HCN, NH3, CH4, O2, CO, CO2 etc.) is obtained in order to reveal the intrinsic connection between NOx emissions and other influential gaseous species at different positions of the furnace. The finding concludes that the advantage of superfine pulverized coal with regard to NO reduction is more efficient in homogeneous stage rather than heterogeneous stage. Meanwhile, the evolution of HCN and CH4 agrees well with each stage of NO reduction, which indicates that these gaseous species are favorable for NO abatement. Eventually, oxygen consumption rate for superfine pulverized coal is relatively faster, conducive to strengthen both homogeneous and heterogeneous NO reduction under CO2 reburning condition.

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