Different effects of foliar application of silica sol on arsenic translocation in rice under low and high arsenite stress

Fangbai Li , Dandan Pan , Chuanping Liu , Jicai Yi , Xiaomin Li


Received October 22, 2020,Revised , Accepted December 29, 2020, Available online January 11, 2021

Volume 33,2021,Pages 22-32

Foliar application of Si can generally reduce As translocation from roots to shoots in rice; however, it does not always work, particularly under high As stress. Here, the effects of foliar application of nanoscale silica sol on As accumulation in rice were investigated under low (2 μmol/L) and high (8 μmol/L) arsenite stress. The results revealed that foliar Si application significantly decreased the As concentration in shoots under low arsenite stress, but showed different effects under high arsenite stress after 7 days of incubation. The reduction in root-to-shoot As translocation under the 2As+Si treatment was related to the down-regulation of OsLsi1 and OsLsi2 expression and up-regulation of OsABCC1 expression in roots. In the 8As+Si treatment, the expressions of OsLsi1, OsLsi2, and OsABCC1 were significantly promoted, which resulted in substantially higher As accumulation in both the roots and shoots. In the roots, As predominantly accumulated in the symplasts (90.6%–98.3%), in which the majority of As was sequestered in vacuoles (79.0%–94.0%) under both levels of arsenite stress. Compared with that of the 8As treatment, the 8As+Si treatment significantly increased the As concentration in cell walls, but showed no difference in the vacuolar As concentration, which remained constant at approximately 69.1–71.7 mg/kg during days 4–7. It appeared that the capacity of root cells to sequester As in the vacuoles had a threshold, and the excess As tended to accumulate in the cell walls and transfer to the shoots via apoplasts under high arsenite stress. This study provides a better understanding of the different effects of foliar Si application on As accumulation in rice from the view of arsenite-related gene expression and As subcellular distribution in roots.

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