Leaf metabolic influence of glyphosate and nanotubes on the Arabidopsis thaliana phyllosphere

Haifeng Qian , Mingjing Ke , Yizhi Ye , Yan Li , Zhigao Zhou , Nuohan Xu , Lan Feng , Jinfeng Zhang , Tao Lu , Zhiqiang Cai


Received November 13, 2020,Revised , Accepted January 06, 2021, Available online January 27, 2021

Volume 33,2021,Pages 66-75

Chemical exposure can indirectly affect leaf microbiota communities, but the mechanism driving this phenomenon remains largely unknown. Results revealed that the co-exposure of glyphosate and multi-carbon nanotubes (CNTs) caused a synergistic inhibitory effect on the growth and metabolism of Arabidopsis thaliana shoots. However, only a slight inhibitory effect was induced by nanotubes or glyphosate alone at the tested concentrations. Several intermediate metabolites of nitrogen metabolism and fatty acid synthesis pathways were upregulated under the combined treatment, which increased the amount of energy required to alleviate the disruption caused by the combined treatment. Additionally, compared with the two individual treatments, the glyphosate/nanotube combination treatment induced greater fluctuations in the phyllosphere bacterial community members with low abundance (relative abundance (RA) <1%) at both the family and genus levels, and among these bacteria some plant growth promotion and nutrient supplement related bacteria were markable increased. Strikingly, strong correlations between phyllosphere bacterial diversity and metabolites suggested a potential role of leaf metabolism, particularly nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism, in restricting the range of leaf microbial taxa. These correlations between phyllosphere bacterial diversity and leaf metabolism will improve our understanding of plant-microbe interactions and the extent of their drivers of variation and the underlying causes of variability in bacterial community composition.

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