Isolation and characterization of a strain with high microbial attachment in aerobic granular sludge

Jianrong Zhu , Tingting Zhao , Kai Qiao , Lei Wang , Wei Zhang , Wei Meng , Fan Liu , Xu Gao


Received July 03, 2020,Revised , Accepted January 18, 2021, Available online February 05, 2021

Volume 33,2021,Pages 194-203

Aerobic granule is a special microbial aggregate associated with biofilm structure. The formation of aerobic granular sludge is primarily depending on its bacterial community and relevant microbiological properties. In this experiment, a strain with high microbial attachment was isolated from aerobic granular sludge, and the detailed characteristics were examined. Its high attachment ability could reach 2.34 (OD600nm), while other low attachment values were only around 0.06-0.32, which indicated a big variation among the different bacteria. The strain exhibited a very special morphology with many fibric fingers under SEM observation. A distinctive behaviour was to form a spherical particle by themselves, which would be very beneficial for the formation and development of granular sludge. The EPS measurement showed that its PN content was higher than low attachment bacteria, and 3D-EEM confirmed that there were some different components. Based on the 16S rRNA analysis, it was identified to mostly belong to Stenotrophomonas. Its augmentation to particle sludge cultivation demonstrated that the strain could significantly promote the formation of aerobic granule. Conclusively, it was strongly suggested that it might be used as a good and potential model strain or chassis organism for the aerobic granular sludge formation and development.

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