Study on the role of copper converter slag in simultaneously removing SO2 and NOx using KMnO4/copper converter slag slurry

Jiacheng Bao , Kai Li , Ping Ning , Chi Wang , Xin Song , Yansu Luo , Xin Sun


Received ,Revised , Accepted , Available online

Volume 33,2021,Pages -

To achieve “waste controlled by waste”, a novel wet process using KMnO4/copper converter slag slurry for simultaneously removing SO2 and NOx from acid-making tail gas was proposed. Through the solid-liquid separation for copper slag slurry, the liquid-phase part has a critical influence on removing NOx and SO2. Also, the leached metal ions played a crucial role in the absorption of SO2 and NOx. Subsequently, the effects of single/multi-metal ions on NOx removal was investigated. The results showed that the leached metal from copper converter slag (Al3+, Cu2+, and Mg2+) and KMnO4 had a synergistic effect on NOx removal, thereby improving the NOx removal efficiency. Whereas Fe2+ had an inhibitory effect on the NOx removal owing to the reaction between Fe2+ and KMnO4, thereby consuming the KMnO4. Besides, SO2 was converted to SO42− completely partly due to the liquid catalytic oxidation by metal ions. The XRD and XPS results indicated that the Fe (II) species (Fe2SiO4, Fe3O4) in copper slag can react with H+ ions with the generation of Fe2+, and further consumed the KMnO4, thereby resulting in a decrease in the NOx removal. The characterization of the slags and solutions before and after reaction led us to propose the possible mechanisms. The role of copper slag is as follows: (1) the alkaline substances in copper slag can absorb SO2 and NO2 by KMnO4 oxidation. (2) copper slag may function as a catalyst to accelerate SO2 conversion and improve NOx removal by synergistic effect between leached metal ions and KMnO4.

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