Biogenic volatile organic compound emissions from leaves and fruits of apple and peach trees during fruit development

Elena Paoletti , Shuangjiang Li , Xiangyang Yuan , Yan Xu , Zhengzhen Li , Zhaozhong Feng , Xu Yue


Received December 23, 2020,Revised , Accepted February 09, 2021, Available online March 06, 2021

Volume 33,2021,Pages 152-163

Biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) are widely involved in a variety of atmospheric chemical processes due to their high reactivity and species diversity. To date, however, research on BVOCs in agroecosystems, particularly fruit trees, remains scarce despite their large cultivation area and economic interest. BVOC emissions from different organs (leaf or fruit) of apple and peach trees were investigated throughout the stages of fruit development (FS, fruit swelling; FC, fruit coloration; FM, fruit maturity; and FP, fruit postharvest) using a proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometer. Results indicated that methanol was the most abundant compound emitted by the leaf (apple tree leaf 492.5 ± 47.9 ng/(g·hr), peach tree leaf 938.8 ±  154.5 ng/(g·hr)), followed by acetic acid and green leaf volatiles. Beside the above three compounds, acetaldehyde had an important contribution to the emissions from the fruit. Overall, the total BVOCs (sum of eight compounds studied in this paper) emitted by both leaf and fruit gradually decreased along the fruit development, although the effect was significant only for the leaf. The leaf (2020.8 ±  258.8 ng/(g·hr)) was a stronger BVOC emitter than the fruit (146.0 ± 45.7 ng/(g·hr)) (P = 0.006), and there were no significant differences in total BVOC emission rates between apple and peach trees. These findings contribute to our understanding on BVOC emissions from different plant organs and provide important insights into the variation of BVOC emissions across different fruit developmental stages.

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