A critical review on the application of biochar in environmental pollution remediation: Role of persistent free radicals (PFRs)

Qi Yang , Kun Luo , Ya Pang , Dongbo Wang , Xue Li , Liping Wang , Min Lei , Qi Huang


Received November 26, 2020,Revised , Accepted February 19, 2021, Available online March 11, 2021

Volume 33,2021,Pages 201-216

Biochar as an emerging carbonaceous material has exhibited a great potential in environmental application for its perfect adsorption ability. However, there are abundant persistent free radicals (PFRs) in biochar, so the direct and indirect PFRs-mediated removal of organic and inorganic contaminants by biochar was widely reported. In order to comprehend deeply the formation of PFRs in biochar and their interactions with contaminants, this paper reviews the formation mechanisms of PFRs in biochar and the PFRs-mediated environmental applications of biochar in recent years. Finally, future challenges in this field are also proposed. This review provides a more comprehensive understanding on the emerging applications of biochar from the viewpoint of the catalytic role of PFRs.

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