Enhanced simultaneous absorption of NOx and SO2 in oxidation-reduction-absorption process with a compounded system based on Na2SO3

Naiqiang Yan , Sichao Li , Wenjun Huang , Haomiao Xu , Kai Liu , Jia-nan Wang , Yaning Sun , Zan Qu


Received November 05, 2020,Revised , Accepted March 04, 2021, Available online March 18, 2021

Volume 34,2022,Pages 1-10

Oxidation of sulfite and competitive absorption existed in Na2SO3 solution for simultaneous removal of NOx and SO2, inhibited the long-term high-efficiency when used for practical applications. A matching strategy was developed to solve these problems. Antioxidants combination was used to retard the oxidation of antioxidant and enhance inhibition of S(IV) (tetravalent sulfur) oxidation. Hydroquinone (HQ) and sodium thiosulfate (ST) showed a positive synergistic effect on inhibition of S(IV) oxidation. When SO2 concentration was 500 and 2000 ppmV, the addition of 0.1 wt.% HQ and 1 wt.% ST decreased the percentage of S(IV) oxidized by oxygen by over 30% and 40%, respectively. Alkali (Na2CO3) alleviated the competitive absorption between NOx and SO2. Moreover, Na2CO3 exhibited an enhancement effect on the absorption of NOx and SO2 when coupled with anti-oxidants. While the increase of oxygen pressure accelerated the oxidation of S(IV), the anti-oxidants can retard the oxidation. The measurement of pH suggested the removal efficiency of NOx highly depended on SO32⁻ concentration rather than pH. The further investigation of the mechanism suggested the match effect was related to the interaction between ST and the intermediate product of HQ. The match strategy holds a potential for application of SO32⁻ to denitration.

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