Synergistic effects in Mn-Co mixed oxide supported on cordierite honeycomb for catalytic deep oxidation of VOCs

Zhenping Qu , Hongyang Zhao , Hui Wang


Received February 26, 2021,Revised , Accepted May 07, 2021, Available online June 08, 2021

Volume 34,2022,Pages 231-243

A series of Co-Mn mixed oxide catalyst supported on a cordierite monolith was facilely synthesized by ultrasonic impregnation. Its catalytic performance was evaluated in the combustion of toluene, ethyl acetate and its mixture. It was observed that with incorporating Mn into Co3O4, the formation of solid solution with spinel structure could significantly improve the catalytic activity of pure phase Co3O4. And the monolithic Co0.67Mn0.33Ox catalyst showed the best catalytic performance in the catalytic oxidation of toluene and ethyl acetate which could be completely oxidized at 220 and 180°C respectively under the reaction velocity (WHSV) about 45,000 mL/(g•hr) and pollutant concentration of 500 ppmV. The total conversion temperature of the VOCs mixture was at 230°C (500 ppmV toluene and 500 ppmV ethyl acetate) and determined by the temperature at which the most difficult molecule was oxidized. The excellent catalytic performance of monolithic Co0.67Mn0.33Ox was attributed to the higher content of Mn3+, Co3+, surface adsorbed oxygen and better redox ability. The prepared catalyst showed the good mechanical stability, reaction stability, and good adaptability to different reaction conditions.

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