Phosphate removal by a La(OH)3 loaded magnetic MAPTAC-based cationic hydrogel: Enhanced surface charge density and Donnan membrane effect

Yao Tong , Yanqing Zhou , Yili Wang , Shuoxun Dong , Haotian Hao , Junyi Li , Chenyang Liu , Xiaolin Li


Received March 25, 2021,Revised , Accepted May 26, 2021, Available online June 14, 2021

Volume 34,2022,Pages 26-39

Cationic hydrogels have received great attention to control eutrophication and recycle phosphate. In this study, a type of La(OH)3 loaded magnetic MAPTAC-based cationic hydrogel (La(OH)3@MMCH) was developed as a potential adsorbent for enhanced phosphate removal from aqueous environment. La(OH)3@MMCH exhibited high adsorption capacity of 105.72±5.99 mg P/g, and reached equilibrium within 2 hr. La(OH)3@MMCH could perform effectively in a wide pH range from 3.0 to 9.0 and in the presence of coexisting ions (including SO42−, Cl, NO3, HCO3, SiO44− and HA). The adsorption-desorption experiment indicated that La(OH)3@MMCH could be easily regenerated by using NaOH-NaCl as the desorption agent, and 73.3% adsorption capacity remained after five cycles. Moreover, La(OH)3@MMCH was employed to treat surface water with phosphate concentration of 1.90  mg/L and showed great removal efficiency of 95.21%. Actually, MMCH showed high surface charge density of 34.38-59.38 meq/kg in the pH range from 3.0 to 11.0 and great swelling ratio of 3014.57% within 24 h, indicating that MMCH could produce the enhanced Donnan membrane effect to pre-permeate phosphate. Furthermore, the bifunctional structure of La(OH)3@MMCH enabled it to capture phosphate through electrostatic attraction and ligand exchange. All the results prove that La(OH)3@MMCH is a promising adsorbent for eutrophication control and phosphate recovery.

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