Electrocoagulation coupled with electrooxidation for the simultaneous treatment of multiple pollutants in contaminated sediments

Chunhua Feng , Qingjun Zeng , Yifan Zhang , Pingshan Chen , Yuting He , Congli Yi


Received September 06, 2021,Revised , Accepted November 09, 2021, Available online February 01, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 89-97

In situ and simultaneous remediation of a variety of pollutants in sediments remains a challenge. In this study, we report that the combination of electrocoagulation (EC) and electrooxidation (EO) is efficient in the immobilization of phosphorus and heavy metals and in the oxidation of ammonium and toxic organic matter. The integrated mixed metal oxide (MMO)/Fe anode system allowed the facile removal of ammonium and phosphorus in the overlying water (99% of 10 mg/L NH4+-N and 95% of 10 mg/L P disappeared in 15 and 30 min, respectively). Compared with the controls of the single Fe anode and single MMO anode systems, the dual MMO/Fe anode system significantly improved the removal of phenanthrene and promoted the transition of Pb and Cu from the mobile species to the immobile species. The concentrations of Pb and Cu in the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure extracts were reduced by 99% and 97% after an 8 hr operation. Further tests with four real polluted samples indicated that substantial proportions of acid-soluble fraction Pb and Cu were reduced (30%–31% for Pb and 16%–23% for Cu), and the amounts of total organic carbon and NH4+-N decreased by 56%–71% and 32%–63%, respectively. It was proposed that the in situ electrogenerated Fe(II) at the Fe anode and the active oxygen/chlorine species at the MMO anode are conducive to outstanding performance in the co-treatment of multiple pollutants. The results suggest that the EC/EO method is a powerful technology for the in situ remediation of sediments contaminated with different pollutants.

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