0D/3D direct Z-scheme heterojunctions hybridizing by MoS2 quantum dots and honeycomb conjugated triazine polymers (CTPs) for enhanced photocatalytic performance

Tao Zeng , Shuqi Li , Weishun Lai , Xinming Jiang , Yashuang Wang , Xinyi Cai , Da Wang , Shuang Song , Min Liu


Received September 03, 2021,Revised , Accepted November 29, 2021, Available online February 23, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 602-616

Herein, a novel direct Z-scheme photocatalyst was accomplished by hybridization of 0D MoS2 quantum dots (MSQDs) and 3D honeycomb-like conjugated triazine polymers (CTP) (namely, CTP-MSQD). The unique 0D/3D hierarchical structure significantly enhanced the exposure of active sites and light harvesting property, while the formed p-n junction enabled the direct strong interface coupling without the necessity of any mediators. The optimized CTP-MSQD3 exhibited continuously increased visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity and strong durability both in Cr(VI) reduction and H2 evolution, featured a rate of 0.069 min−1 and 1070 µmol/(hr∙g), respectively, which were 8 times than those of pure 3D-CTP (0.009 min−1 and 129 µmol/(hr∙g)). We believe that this work provides a promising photocatalyst system that combines a 0D/3D hierarchical structure and a Z-scheme charge flow for efficient and stable photocatalytic conversion.

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