A novel multistage anoxic/aerobic process with sludge regeneration zone (R-MAO) for advanced nitrogen removal from domestic sewage

Hua Li , Lin Cao , Rong Sun , Wenyi Dong , Hongjie Wang , Zhongyi Dai , Xue Wang , Jin Xie


Received December 21, 2021,Revised , Accepted February 06, 2022, Available online February 17, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 758-768

To achieve advanced nitrogen removal from actual municipal sewage, a novel multistage anoxic/aerobic process with sludge regeneration zone (R-MAO) was developed. The reactor was used to treat actual domestic sewage and the nitrogen removal capacity of the sludge regeneration zone (R zone) was investigated during the long-term operation. The best performance was obtained at the R zone's Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) of -50±30 mV and hydraulic residence times (HRT) of 1.2 hr. The average effluent COD, TN, NH4+-N and NO3-N of the R-MAO process were 18.0±2.3, 7.5±0.6, 1.0±0.5 and 4.6±0.4 mg/L, respectively, with the corresponding removal efficiency of COD, TN and NH4+-N were 92.9%±1.0%, 84.1%±1.5% and 97.5%±1.1%. Compared to the sole MAO system, the TN removal efficiency of the R-MAO increased by 10.1%. Besides, under the optimal conditions, the contribution of the R zone in the R-MAO that removal COD, TN, NH4+-N and NO3-N were 0.36, 0.15, 0.032 and 0.82 g/day. High-throughput sequencing results showed that uncultured_bacterium_f_Burkholderiaceae (5.20%), OLB8 (1.04%) and Ottowia (1.03%) played an important role in denitrification in the R zone. This study provided effective guidance for the design and operation of the R-MAO process in domestic sewage treatment.

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