Advances in coastal ocean boundary layer detection technology and equipment in China

Jianguo Liu , Haitao Zheng , Youwen Sun , Tao Luo , Xueling Cheng , Shiyong Shao , Shouyin Zheng , Bangyi Tao , Bin Chen , Qianguang Tu , Kan Huang , Bingbing Wang , Mian Wang , Xiaoquan Song , Tianshu Zhang , Yin Cheng


Received November 16, 2021,Revised , Accepted February 27, 2022, Available online March 12, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 156-168

Accurate and comprehensive knowledge of the atmospheric environment and its evolution within the coastal ocean boundary layer are necessary for understanding the sources, chemical mechanisms, and transport processes of air pollution in land, sea, and atmosphere. We present an overview of coastal ocean boundary layer detection technology and equipment in China and summarize the progress and main achievements in recent years. China has developed a series of coastal ocean boundary layer detection technologies, including Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), turbulent exchange analyzer, air-sea flux analyzer, stereoscopic remote sensing of air pollutants, and oceanic aerosol detection equipment to address the technical bottleneck caused by harsh environmental conditions in coastal ocean regions. Advances in these technologies and equipment have provided scientific assistance for addressing air pollution issues and understanding land-sea-atmosphere interactions over coastal ocean regions in China. In the future, routine atmospheric observations should cover the coastal ocean boundary layer of China.

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