Rapid sensitive fluorescence detection of cadmium (II) with pyrene excimer switching aptasensor

Qiang Zhao , Hao Yu


Received November 22, 2021,Revised , Accepted March 30, 2022, Available online April 12, 2022

Volume 35,2023,Pages 1-7

Heavy metal cadmium (II) contamination often occurs, causing great health risk to human due to high toxicity of cadmium (II). Rapid, sensitive and simple detection of cadmium (II) are of great importance in environmental monitoring. Taking advantage of aptamer in specific recognition, easy modification, and capability of binding-induced structure change, here we reported a simple fluorescent sensor with rapid and sensitive response for Cd2+ using aptamer pyrene excimer switch. The aptamer was labeled with dual pyrene molecules at two ends of the sequence. The binding of Cd2+ to this aptamer probe brought the pyrene labels into close proximity and enhanced formation of a pyrene excimer, which generated increased fluorescence at 485 nm. By measuring the fluorescence of pyrene excimer, we achieved detection of Cd2+ with this aptasensor. Under the optimum experimental conditions, the detection limit of Cd2+ reached nanomolar levels. This method was selective and allowed for the detection of Cd2+ in tap water. This fluorescence aptasensor is promising for rapid detection of Cd2+ in broad applications.

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