Data quality evaluation and calibration of on-road remote sensing systems based on exhaust plumes

Miaomiao Cheng , Shijie Liu , Xinlu Zhang , Linlin Ma , Liqiang He , Shaojun Zhang


Received February 25, 2022,Revised , Accepted June 02, 2022, Available online June 11, 2022

Volume 123,2023,Pages 317-326

In recent years, with rapid increases in the number of vehicles in China, the contribution of vehicle exhaust emissions to air pollution has become increasingly prominent. To achieve the precise control of emissions, on-road remote sensing (RS) technology has been developed and applied for law enforcement and supervision. However, data quality is still an existing issue affecting the development and application of RS. In this study, the RS data from a cross-road RS system used at a single site (from 2012 to 2015) were collected, the data screening process was reviewed, the issues with data quality were summarized, a new method of data screening and calibration was proposed, and the effectiveness of the improved data quality control methods was finally evaluated. The results showed that this method reduces the skewness and kurtosis of the data distribution by up to nearly 67%, which restores the actual characteristics of exhaust diffusion and is conducive to the identification of actual clean and high-emission vehicles. The annual variability of emission factors of nitric oxide decreases by 60% – on average – eliminating the annual drift of fleet emissions and improving data reliability.

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