Advances in the treatment of multi-pollutant flue gas in China's building materials industry

Junhua Li , Shangchao Xiong , Jianjun Chen , Hao Liu , Wenzhe Si , Yue Peng , Xuecheng Wu , Huan Liu


Received January 10, 2022,Revised , Accepted July 10, 2022, Available online July 20, 2022

Volume 123,2023,Pages 400-416

In most of the world's building material industries, the control of flue gas pollutants mainly focuses on a single pollutant. However, given the large capacity and high contribution of China's building materials industry to global air pollution, the need to develop multi-pollutant emission reduction technology is urgent. Recently, China has focused on reducing the emissions of flue gas pollutants in the building materials industry, established many key research and development projects, and gradually implemented more stringent pollutant emission limits. This project focuses on the most recent advances in flue gas emission control technology in China's building materials industry, including denitration, dust removal, desulfurization, synergistic multi-pollutant emission reduction, and the construction of pilot research and demonstration projects for pollutant removal in several building material industries. On this basis, revised pollutant limits in flue gas emitted in China's building material industry are proposed.

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