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Field-based evidence for the enrichment of intrinsic antibiotic resistome stimulated by plant-derived fertilizer in agricultural soil

Yu Zhang , Shihai Liu , Ziming Han , Dong Zhu , Xiao Luan , Liujie Deng , Liping Dong , Min Yang


Received May 24, 2022,Revised , Accepted August 05, 2022, Available online August 14, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 728-740

Animal manures have been demonstrated to enhance antibiotic resistance in agricultural soils. However, little is known about the effects of plant-derived fertilizer on soil antibiotic resistome. Herein, metagenomic sequencing was used to investigate the effects of a plant-derived fertilizer processed from sugarcane and beet on soil antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in a soybean field along crop growth stages. ARG profiles in the soils amended by plant-derived fertilizer were compared with those in the soils amended by chicken manure. The abundance and diversity of total ARGs in the soils amended by plant-derived fertilizer were significantly (P < 0.05) elevated at the sprout stage, to a level comparable to that in the manured soils. Whereas, unlike chicken manure mainly introducing manure-borne ARGs to soil, the plant-derived fertilizer was indicated to mainly enrich multidrug resistance genes in soil by nourishing indigenous bacteria. ARGs with abundances in amended soils significantly (P < 0.05) higher than in unamended soils at the sprout stage of soybean were considered as enriched ARGs. Decrease in the abundance of the enriched ARGs was observed in both the amended soils from the sprout to the harvest. Network analysis further identified Proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes as the primary bacterial taxa involved in the temporal variation of the enriched ARGs in the soils amended by plant-derived fertilizer, while in manured soils were Firmicutes and Actinobacteria. As revealed by multivariate statistical analyses, variation of the enriched ARGs in the soils amended by plant-derived fertilizer was majorly attributed to the response of co-occurred bacteria to depleting nutrients, which was different from the failed establishment of manure-borne bacteria in the manured soils. Our study provided field-based evidence that plant-derived fertilizer stimulated the intrinsic antibiotic resistome, and proposed attention to the un-perceived risk since some clinically relevant ARGs originate and evolve from natural resistome.

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