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Honeycomb-like biochar framework coupled with Fe3O4/FeS nanoparticles as efficient heterogeneous Fenton catalyst for phenol degradation

Chi He , Aihua Cheng , Yi He , Xiaohe Liu


Received May 11, 2022,Revised , Accepted August 31, 2022, Available online September 14, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 390-399

Achieving an efficient and stable heterogeneous Fenton reaction over a wide pH range is of great significance for wastewater treatment. Here, a pollen-derived biochar catalyst with a unique honeycomb-like structure, coupled with the dispersion of magnetic Fe3O4/FeS (Fe/S) nanoparticles, was synthesized by simple impregnation precursor, followed by pyrolysis. The prepared Fe/S-biochar catalyst demonstrated outstanding phenol degradation efficiency across a wide pH range, with 98% of which eliminated even under neutral conditions (pH 7.0). The high catalytic activity was due to the multilevel porous structure of pollen-derived biochar provided enough active sites and allowed for better electron transfer, then increases oxidation ability to promote the reaction. Moreover, the acid microenvironment formed by SO42− group from Fe/S composite extended the pH range for Fenton reaction, and S2− facilitated the conversion of triple bondFe3+ to triple bondFe2+, resulting in remarkable degradation efficiency. Further, biochar can effectively promote cycling stability by limiting Fe leaching. This work may provide a general strategy for designing 3D framework biochar-based Fe/S catalysts with excellent performance for heterogeneous Fenton reactions.

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