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OsPDR20 is an ABCG metal transporter regulating cadmium accumulation in rice

Zhi Min Yang , He Li , Chao Li , Di Sun


Received June 04, 2022,Revised , Accepted September 14, 2022, Available online September 24, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 21-34

Cadmium (Cd) is a non-essential toxic heavy metal, seriously posing high environmental risks to human health. Digging genetic resources relevant to functional genes is important for understanding the metal absorption and accumulation in crops and bioremediation of Cd-polluted environments. This study investigated a functionally uncharacterized ATP binding cassette transporter G family (ABCG) gene encoding a Pleiotropic Drug Resistance 20 (PDR20) type metal transporter which is localized to the plasma membrane of rice. OsPDR20 was transcriptionally expressed in almost all tissues and organs in lifespan and was strongly induced in roots and shoots of young rice under Cd stress. Ectopic expression of OsPDR20 in a yeast mutant ycf1 sensitive to Cd conferred cellular tolerance with less Cd accumulation. Knockdown of OsPDR20 by RNA interference (RNAi) moderately attenuated root/shoot elongation and biomass, with reduced chlorophylls in rice grown under hydroponic medium with 2 and 10 µmol/L Cd, but led to more Cd accumulation. A field trial of rice grown in a realistic Cd-contaminated soil (0.40 mg/kg) showed that RNAi plants growth and development were also compromised compared to wild-type (WT), with smaller panicles and lower spikelet fertility but little effect on yield of grains. However, OsPDR20 suppression resulted in unexpectedly higher levels of Cd accumulation in rice straw including lower leaves and culm and grain. These results suggest that OsPDR20 is actively involved in Cd accumulation and homeostasis in rice crops. The increased Cd accumulation in the RNAi plants has the potential application in phytoremediation of Cd-polluted wetland soils.

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