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Soil inorganic amendments produce safe rice by reducing the transfer of Cd and increasing key amino acids in brown rice

Shenggao Lu , Fanyi Kong


Received July 07, 2022,Revised , Accepted September 30, 2022, Available online October 12, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 121-132

The digestibility of cadmium (Cd) in brown rice is directly related to amino acid metabolism in rice and human health. In our field study, three kinds of alkaline calcium-rich soil inorganic amendments (SIAs) at three dosages were applied to produce safe rice and improve the quality of rice in Cd-contaminated paddy. With the increased application of SIA, Cd content in iron plaque on rice root significantly increased, the transfer of Cd from rice root to grain significantly decreased, and then Cd content in brown rice decreased synchronously. The vitro digestibility of Cd in brown rice was estimated by a physiologically based extraction test. Results showed that more than 70% of Cd in brown rice could be digested by simulated gastrointestinal juice. Based on the total and digestible Cd contents in brown rice to evaluate the health risk, the application of 2.25 ton SIA/ha could produce safe rice in acidic slightly Cd-contaminated paddy soils. The amino acids (AAs) in brown rice were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography. The contents of 5 key AAs (KAAs) that actively respond to environmental changes increased significantly with the increased application of SIA. The structural equation model indicated that KAAs could be affected by the Cd translocation capacity from rice root to grain, and consequently altered the ratio of indigestible Cd in brown rice. The formation of indigestible KAAs-Cd complexes by combining KAAs (phenylalanine, leucine, histidine, glutamine, and asparagine) with Cd in brown rice could be considered a potential mechanism for reducing the digestibility of Cd.

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