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Energetic, bio-oil, biochar, and ash performances of co-pyrolysis-gasification of textile dyeing sludge and Chinese medicine residues in response to K2CO3, atmosphere type, blend ratio, and temperature

Jingyong Liu , Gang Zhang , Zhiyun Chen , Tao Chen , Shaojun Jiang , Fatih Evrendilek , Shengzheng Huang , Xiaojie Tang , Ziyi Ding , Yao He , Wuming Xie


Received July 23, 2022,Revised , Accepted October 09, 2022, Available online October 19, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 133-150

Hazardous waste stream needs to be managed so as not to exceed stock- and rate-limited properties of its recipient ecosystems. The co-pyrolysis of Chinese medicine residue (CMR) and textile dyeing sludge (TDS) and its bio-oil, biochar, and ash quality and quantity were characterized as a function of the immersion of K2CO3, atmosphere type, blend ratio, and temperature. Compared to the mono-pyrolysis of TDS, its co-pyrolysis performance with CMR (the comprehensive performance index (CPI)) significantly improved by 33.9% in the N2 atmosphere and 33.2% in the CO2 atmosphere. The impregnation catalyzed the co-pyrolysis at 370°C, reduced its activation energy by 77.3 kJ/mol in the N2 atmosphere and 134.6 kJ/mol in the CO2 atmosphere, and enriched the degree of coke gasification by 44.25% in the CO2 atmosphere. The impregnation increased the decomposition rate of the co-pyrolysis by weakening the bond energy of fatty side chains and bridge bonds, its catalytic and secondary products, and its bio-oil yield by 66.19%. Its bio-oils mainly contained olefins, aromatic structural substances, and alcohols. The immersion of K2CO3 improved the aromaticity of the co-pyrolytic biochars and reduced the contact between K and Si which made it convenient for Mg to react with SiO2 to form magnesium-silicate. The co-pyrolytic biochar surfaces mainly included -OH, -CH2, C=C, and Si-O-Si. The main phases in the co-pyrolytic ash included Ca5(PO4)3(OH), Al2O3, and magnesium-silicate.

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