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Promoted catalytic performance of Ag-Mn bimetal catalysts synthesized through reduction route

Wenfeng Shangguan , Wenkai Hu , Tao Guo , Kaiyao Ma , Xu Li , Wangting Luo , Mingzhi Wu , Hao Guo , Yaxin Zhang


Received July 05, 2022,Revised , Accepted October 28, 2022, Available online November 08, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 358-369

VOCs can exert great harm to both human and environment, and catalytic oxidation is believed to be an effective technique to eliminate these pollutants. In this paper, Ag-Mn bimetal catalysts with 10 wt.% of silver were synthesized using doping, impregnation, and reduction methods respectively, and then they were applied to the catalytic oxidation of benzene. Through series of characterizations it showed that the loading of silver using reduction method significantly resulted in improved physico-chemical properties of manganese oxides, such as larger surface area and pore volume, higher proportion of surface Mn3+ and Mn4+, stronger reducibility and more active of surface oxygen species, which were all beneficial to its catalytic activity. As a result, the Ag-Mn catalysts synthesized by reduction method showed a lower T90 value (equals to the temperature at which 90% of initial benzene was removed) of 203°C. Besides, both the used and fresh Ag-Mn catalysts synthesized by reduction method showed preferable stability in this research.

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