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Overview of enhancing biological treatment of coal chemical wastewater: New strategies and future directions

Fei Zhao , Weiwei Ma , Xiaoqi Zhang , Hongjun Han , Xueqing Shi , Qiaoping Kong , Tong Yu


Received September 18, 2022,Revised , Accepted November 14, 2022, Available online November 22, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 506-520

Coal chemical wastewater (CCW) is a type of refractory industrial wastewater, and its treatment has become the main bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of novel coal chemical industry. Biological treatment is considered as an economical, effective and environmentally friendly technology for CCW treatment. However, conventional biological process is difficult to achieve the efficient removal of refractory organics because of CCW with the characteristics of composition complexity and high toxicity. Therefore, seeking the novel enhancement strategy appears to be a favorable solution for enhancing biological treatment efficiency of CCW. This review focuses on presenting a comprehensive picture about the exogenous enhancement strategies for CCW biological treatment. The performance and potential application of exogenous enhancement strategies, including co-metabolic substrate enhancement, biofilm filler enhancement, adsorption material enhancement and conductive mediator enhancement, were expounded. Meanwhile, the enhancing mechanisms of different strategies were comprehensively discussed from a biological perspective. Furthermore, the prospects of enhancement strategies based on the engineering performance, economic cost and environmental impact (3E) evaluation were introduced. And novel enhancement strategy based on “low carbon emissions”, “resource recycling” and “water environment security” in the context of carbon neutrality was proposed. Taken together, this review provides technical reference and new direction to facilitate the regulation and optimization of typical industrial wastewater biological treatment.

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