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Straw addition increases enzyme activities and microbial carbon metabolism activities in bauxite residue

Shengguo Xue , Hao Wu , Wei Sun , Feng Zhu , Yifan Jiang , Shiwei Huang , Johnvie Goloran


Received September 14, 2022,Revised , Accepted November 28, 2022, Available online December 06, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 332-344

Recovery of microbial functions is one of the critical processes in the nutrient cycling of bauxite residue for improving revegetation. Straw is considered to be effective to increase microbial diversity and drive the development of the microbial community, but its effect on microbial carbon metabolism has not been illustrated. The present study evaluated the effects of phosphogypsum (PG), straw (SF) and phosphogypsum plus straw (PGSF) on physicochemical properties, enzyme activities, and microbial carbon metabolism activities in bauxite residue. After 180 days incubation, PG, SF and PGSF treatment significantly reduced the residue pH from 10.85 to 8.64, 9.39 and 8.06, respectively. Compared to CK treatment, SF treatment significantly increased the content of total organic carbon (TOC) and organic carbon fractions (DOC, MBC, EOC, and POC). In addition, straw addition significantly increased glucosidase, cellulose, urease, and alkaline phosphatase by 7.2-9.1 times, 5.8-7.1 times, 11.1-12.5 times, and 1.1-2.2 times, respectively. The Biolog results showed that straw addition significantly increased microbial metabolic activity (AWCD) and diversity in bauxite residue. Redundancy analysis indicated total nitrogen (TN) and carbon fractions (POC, MBC and DOC) were the most important environmental factors affecting microbial metabolic activity and diversity in bauxite residue. These findings provided us with a biogeochemical perspective to reveal soil formation in bauxite residue and suggested that nutrient supplement and regulation of salinity-alkalinity benefit the establishment of microbial communities and functions in bauxite residue.

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