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Fabrication of porous adsorbents from eco-friendly aqueous foam for high-efficient removal of cationic dyes and sustainable utilization assessment

Aiqin Wang , Fangzhi Duan , Yongfeng Zhu , Yan Liu


Received October 16, 2022,Revised , Accepted November 29, 2022, Available online December 08, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 395-406

Porous materials applied in environmental remediation have received researchers’ extensive attention recently, but the related green and convenient preparation method is rarely reported. Here, we recommended a green and convenient strategy for the fabrication of porous material via aqueous foam templates, which was synergistically stabilized by Codonopsis pilosula (CP) and clay minerals of attapulgite (APT). The characterization results revealed that the APT was modified by organic molecules leached from CP and anchored at the air-water interface, which improved the foam stability significantly. The novel porous material of polyacrylamide/Codonopsis pilosula/attapulgite (PAM/CP/APT) templated from the aqueous foam via a polymerization reaction had excellent adsorption capacity for the cationic dyes methyl violet (MV) and methylene blue (MB), and the adsorption capacity can reach 755.85 mg/g and 557.64 mg/g, respectively. More importantly, the adsorption capacity of spent adsorbent material was still over 200 mg/g after being recycled five times through a simple carbonization process, and then it was added to the plant pot, the total biomass was increased by about 86.42%. This study provided a green and sustainable pathway for the preparation, application and subsequent processing of porous materials.

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