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Physiochemical and biological characteristics of fouling on landfill leachate treatment systems surface

Liyan Song , Zhourui Gong , Shu Yang , Rui Zhang , Yangqing Wang , Xiaoqing Wu


Received September 29, 2022,Revised , Accepted December 07, 2022, Available online December 17, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 59-71

Fouling of landfill leachate, a biofilm formation process on the surface of the collection system, migration pipeline and treatment system causes low efficiency of leachate transportation and treatment and increases cost for maintenance of those facilities. In addition, landfill leachate fouling might accumulate pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs), posing threats to the environment. Characterization of the landfill leachate fouling and its associated environmental behavior is essential for the management of fouling. In this study, physicochemical and biological properties of landfill leachate fouling and the possible accumulation capacity of pathogens and ARGs were investigated in nitrification (aerobic condition) and denitrification (anaerobic condition) process during landfill leachate biological treatment, respectively. Results show that microbial (bacterial, archaeal, eukaryotic, and viral) community structure and function (carbon fixation, methanogenesis, nitrification and denitrification) differed in fouling under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, driven by the supplemental leachate water quality. Aerobic fouling had a higher abundance of nitrification and denitrification functional genes, while anaerobic fouling harbored a higher abundance of carbon fixation and methanogenesis genes. Both forms of leachate fouling had a higher abundance of pathogens and ARGs than the associated leachate, suggesting the accumulation capacity of fouling on biotic pollutants. Specifically, aerobic fouling harbored three orders of magnitude higher multidrug resistance genes mexD than its associated leachate. This finding provides fundamental knowledge on the biological properties of leachate fouling and suggests that leachate fouling might harbor significant pathogens and ARGs.

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