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Elevated CO2 increases soil redox potential by promoting root radial oxygen loss in paddy field

Genxing Pan , Jie Li , Han Zhang , Wenyi Xie , Cheng Liu , Xiaoyu Liu , Xuhui Zhang , Lianqing Li


Received September 14, 2022,Revised , Accepted January 03, 2023, Available online January 10, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 11-20

Soil redox potential (Eh) plays an important role in the biogeochemical cycling of soil nutrients. Whereas its effect soil process and nutrients’ availability under elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration and warming has seldom been investigated. Thus, in this study, a field experiment was used to elucidate the effect of elevated CO2 concentration and warming on soil Eh, redox-sensitive elements and root radial oxygen loss (ROL). We hypothesized elevated CO2 and warming could alter soil Eh by promoting or inhibiting ROL. We found that soil Eh in the rhizosphere was significantly higher than that of non-rhizosphere. Elevated CO2 enhanced soil Eh by 11.5%, which corresponded to a significant decrease in soil Fe2+ and Mn2+concentration. Under elevated CO2, the concentration of Fe2+ and Mn2+ decreased by 14.7% and 13.7%, respectively. We also found that elevated CO2 altered rice root aerenchyma structure and promoted rice root ROL. Under elevated CO2, rice root ROL increased by 79.5% and 112.2% for Yangdao 6 and Changyou 5, respectively. Warming had no effect on soil Eh and rice root ROL. While warming increased the concentration of Mn2+ and SO42− by 4.9% and 19.3%, respectively. There was a significant interaction between elevated CO2 and warming on Fe2+ and Mn2+. Under elevated CO2, warming had no effect on the concentration of Fe2+ but decreased Mn2+ concentration significantly. Our study demonstrated that elevated atmospheric CO2 in the future could increase soil Eh by promoting rice root ROL, which will alter some soil nutrients’ availability, such as Fe2+ and Mn2+.

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