Enhancing oxidation reaction over Pt-MnO2 catalyst by activation of surface oxygen

Jinlin Li , Ruoting Shan , Zhenteng Sheng , Shuo Hu , Hongfei Xiao , Yuhua Zhang , Jianghao Zhang , Li Wang , Changbin Zhang


Received October 12, 2022,Revised , Accepted January 05, 2023, Available online January 17, 2023

Volume 35,2023,Pages 117-125

Formaldehyde (HCHO) and carbon monoxide (CO) are both common air pollutants and hazardous to human body. It is imperative to develop the catalyst that is able to efficiently remove these pollutants. In this work, we activated Pt-MnO2 under different conditions for highly active oxidation of HCHO and CO, and the catalyst activated under CO displayed superior performance. A suite of complementary characterizations revealed that the catalyst activated with CO created the highly dispersed Pt nanoparticles to maintain a more positively charged state of Pt, which appropriately weakens the Mn-O bonding strength in the adjacent region of Pt for efficient supply of active oxygen during the reaction. Compared with other catalysts activated under different conditions, the CO-activated Pt-MnO2 displays much higher activity for oxidation of HCHO and CO. This research contributes to elucidating the mechanism for regulating the oxidation activity of Pt-based catalyst.

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