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Dynamic emission characteristics and control strategies of air pollutants from motor vehicles in downtown Beijing, China

Yifeng Xue , Yan Shen , Tongran Wu , Aiping Lian , Jie Gao , Fei Peng , Guohua Song , Xuefang Wu , Yangyang Cui , Xinyu Liu , Yunfei Wan , Jing Yan


Received September 23, 2022,Revised , Accepted January 12, 2023, Available online January 29, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 637-646

This study combined the real-time monitoring and investigation of traffic flows to comprehensively analyze the road traffic flow and vehicle structure in downtown Beijing. A dynamic emission inventory of motor vehicle air pollutants in downtown Beijing in 2021 was established, and the impact of these emissions on air quality was simulated and quantified, and different emission reduction control scenarios were proposed to evaluate their environmental improvement effects and explore measures to mitigate the impact of pollution emissions. The results show that the high traffic flow and the structure of the motor vehicle emissions in downtown Beijing are the main causes of severe motor vehicle pollution. Monitoring data shows that traffic flow in central Beijing is dominated by small passenger vehicles, while the vehicle mix is better than in other regions, with 72.0% of vehicles meeting "National V" or higher emission standards. However, to achieve higher air quality goals, further reducing vehicle emissions is necessary. Based on dynamic traffic flow, the average daily emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matters(PM2.5) and volatile organic compounds(VOC) from motor vehicles in central Beijing are 17.7 tons, 0.6 tons and 14.0 tons, respectively, accounting for 23.0% of the city's average daily motor vehicle emissions. If a zero-emission zone for motor vehicles were implemented in central Beijing, the annual average emission level of pollutants will be reduced by 10.4% to 21.0%. The designation of ultra-low emission zones for motor vehicles could be effective in improving the air quality in the center of Beijing.

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