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Comparison of antimony and arsenic behaviour at the river-lake junction in the middle of the Yangtze River Basin

Xitao Liu , Huiji Liu , Wei Zeng , Ziyang Lai , Mengchang He , Chunye Lin , Wei Ouyang


Received December 07, 2022,Revised , Accepted February 15, 2023, Available online February 24, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 189-200

As typical metalloid toxic elements widely distributed in environmental media, the geochemical behaviour of antimony (Sb) and arsenic (As) affects environmental safety. We selected the surface waters and sediments at the river-lake junction of Dongting Lake as the research objects, analysed the concentration and chemical partitioning of Sb and As, assessed its contamination and ecological risk levels, and discussed its sources and potential influencing factors. The concentrations of dissolved Sb and As in surface waters were low (< 5.46 µg/L), and the concentrations of Sb and As in surface sediments were 2.49-22.65 mg/kg and 11.10-136.34 mg/kg, respectively. Antimony and As in sediments were mainly enriched in the fraction of residues, but the proportion of As in bioavailability was significantly higher than that of Sb. Although the contamination level of Sb was higher than that of As, the risk assessment code (RAC) showed that the ecological risk level of As was higher than that of Sb. Rainwater erosion and mining activities (in the midstream of Zijiang River) were the main contaminated sources of Sb, while As was affect mainly by rainwater erosion. The contamination and ecological risk of Sb in the inlet of the Zijiang River should receive considerable attention, while those of As in the inlet of the Xiangjiang River should also be seriously considered. This study highlights the need for multi-index-based assessments of contamination and ecological risk and the importance of further studies on the environmental behaviour of metalloids in specific hydrological conditions, such as river-lake junctions.

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