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Multivariate statistical and bioinformatic analyses for the seasonal variations of actinobacterial community structures in a drinking water reservoir

Xiaoyan Liu , Haihan Zhang , Sixuan Pan , Ben Ma , Tinglin Huang , Dmitry B. Kosolapov , Manli Ma , Xiang Liu , Huan Liu


Received December 22, 2022,Revised , Accepted February 20, 2023, Available online March 04, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 1-17

Actinobacterial community is a conspicuous part of aquatic ecosystems and displays an important role in the case of biogeochemical cycle, but little is known about the seasonal variation of actinobacterial community in reservoir ecological environment. In this study, the high-throughput techniques were used to investigate the structure of the aquatic actinobacterial community and its inducing water quality parameters in different seasons. The results showed that the highest diversity and abundance of actinobacterial community occurred in winter, with Sporichthya (45.42%) being the most abundant genus and Rhodococcus sp. (29.32%) being the most abundant species. Network analysis and correlation analysis suggested that in autumn the dynamics of actinobacterial community were influenced by more factors and Nocardioides sp. SX2R5S2 was the potential keystone species which was negatively correlated with temperature (R = -0.72, P < 0.05). Changes in environmental factors could significantly affect the changes in actinobacterial community, and the dynamics of temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), and turbidity are potential conspicuous factors influencing seasonal actinobacterial community trends. The partial least squares path modeling further elucidated that the combined effects of DO and temperature not only in the diversity of actinobacterial community but also in other water qualities, while the physiochemical parameters (path coefficient = 1.571, P < 0.05) was strong environmental factors in natural mixture period. These results strengthen our understanding of the dynamics and structures of actinobacterial community in the drinking water reservoirs and provide scientific guidance for further water quality management and protection in water sources.

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