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Source apportionment and suitability evaluation of seasonal VOCs contaminants in the soil around a typical refining-chemical integration park in China

Yong Yu , Xu Zhao , Jing Meng , Qianqian Li , Guijin Su , Qifan Zhang , Bin Shi , Lingwen Dai


Received November 04, 2022,Revised , Accepted February 21, 2023, Available online March 01, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 651-663

Accurate source apportionment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil nearby petrochemical industries prevailing globally, is critical for preventing pollution. However, in the process, seasonal effect on contamination pathways and accumulation of soil VOCs is often neglected. Herein, Yanshan Refining-Chemical Integration Park, including a carpet, refining, synthetic rubber, and two synthetic resin zones, was selected for traceability. Season variations resulted in a gradual decrease of 31 VOCs in soil from winter to summer. A method of dry deposition resistance model coupling partitioning coefficient model was created, revealing that dry deposition by gas phase was the primary pathway for VOCs to enter soil in winter and spring, with 100 times higher flux than by particle phase. Source profiles for five zones were built by gas sampling with distinct substance indicators screened, which were used for positive matrix factorization factors determination. Contributions of the five zones were 14.9%, 20.8%, 13.6%, 22.1%, and 28.6% in winter and 33.4%, 12.5%, 10.7%, 24.9%, and 18.5% in spring, respectively. The variation in the soil sorption capacity of VOCs causes inter-seasonal differences in contribution. The better correlation between dry deposition capacity and soil storage of VOCs made root mean square and mean absolute errors decrease averagely by 8.8% and 5.5% in winter compared to spring. This study provides new perspectives and methods for the source apportionment of soil VOCs contamination in industrial sites.

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