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An observed nocturnal ozone transport event in the Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China

Fumo Yang , Ruyue Guo , Guangming Shi , Dan Zhang , Yang Chen , Chao Peng , Chongzhi Zhai


Received July 01, 2022,Revised , Accepted February 27, 2023, Available online March 08, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 10-18

The ozone (O3) pollution in China drew lots of attention in recent years, and the Sichuan Basin (SCB) was one of the regions confronting worsening O3 pollution problem. Many previous studies have shown that regional transport is an important contributor to O3 pollution. However, very few features of the O3 profile during transport have been reported, especially in the border regions between different administrative divisions. In this study, we conducted tethered balloon soundings in SCB during the summer of 2020 and captured a nocturnal O3 transport event during the campaign. Vertically, the O3 transport occurred in the bottom of the residual layer, between 200 and 500 m above ground level. Horizontally, the transport pathway was directed from southeast to northwest based on the analysis of the wind field and air mass trajectories. The effect of transport in the residual layer on the surface O3 concentration was related to the spatial distribution of O3. For cities with high O3 concentrations in the upwind region, the transport process would bring clean air masses and abate pollution. For downwind lightly polluted cities, the transport process would slow down the decreasing or even increase the surface O3 concentration during the night. We provided observational facts on the profile features of a transboundary O3 transport event between two provincial administrative divisions, which implicated the importance of joint prevention and control measures. However, the sounding parameters were limited and the quantitative analysis was preliminary, more integrated, and thorough studies of this topic were called for in the future.

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