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Thermogravimetric, kinetic study and gas emissions analysis of the thermal decomposition of waste-derived fuels

Pavel A. Strizhak , Vadim V. Dorokhov , Galina S. Nyashina


Received November 18, 2022,Revised , Accepted February 27, 2023, Available online March 15, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 155-171

A wide range of wastes can potentially be used to generate thermal and electrical energy. The co-combustion of several types of waste as part of water-containing waste-derived fuels is a promising method for their recovery. In this research, we use thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry to study the thermal behavior and kinetics of coal slime, biomass, waste oils, and blends on their basis. We also analyze the concentrations of gaseous emissions. The results show that biomass, oils, and coal slime significantly affect each other in the course of their co-combustion when added to slurry fuels. The preparation of coal-water slurry based on slime and water reduced the ignition and burnout temperature by up to 16%. Adding biomass and waste oils additionally stimulated the slurry ignition and burnout, which occurred at lower temperatures. Relative to dry coal slime, threshold ignition temperatures and burnout temperatures decreased by 6%–9% and 17%–25%, respectively. Also, the use of biomass and waste oils as part of slurries inhibited NOх and SO2 emission by 2.75 times. According to the kinetic analysis, added biomass and waste turbine oil provide a 28%–51% reduction in the activation energy as compared to a coal-water slurry without additives.

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