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Fe/S oxidation-coupled arsenic speciation transformation mediated by AMD enrichment culture under different pH conditions

Wen-sheng Shu , Yu-hang Zhou , Wei-xi Huang , Zhen-yuan Nie , Hong-chang Liu , Yue Liu , Can Wang , Jin-lan Xia


Received January 12, 2023,Revised , Accepted March 06, 2023, Available online March 25, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 681-700

Arsenic (As) speciation transformation in acid mine drainage (AMD) is comprehensively affected by biological and abiotic factors, such as microbially mediated Fe/S redox reactions and changes in environmental conditions (pH and oxidation-reduction potential). However, their combined impacts on arsenic speciation transformation remain poorly studied. Therefore, we explored arsenic transformation and immobilization during pyrite dissolution mediated by AMD enrichment culture under different acidic pH conditions. The results for incubation and mineralogical transformation of solid residues show that in the presence of AMD enrichment culture, pH 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 are more conducive to the formation of jarosites and ferric arsenate, which could immobilize high quantities of dissolved arsenic by adsorption and coprecipitation. The pH conditions significantly affect the initial adsorption of microbial cells to the minerals and the evolution of microbial community structure, further influencing the biodissolution of pyrite and the release and oxidation process of Fe/S. The results of Fe/S/As speciation transformation of the solid residues show that the transformation of Fe, S, and As in solution is mainly regulated by pH and potential values, which imposed significantly different effects on the formation of secondary minerals and thus arsenic oxidation and immobilization. The above results indicated that arsenic transformation is closely related to the Fe/S oxidation associated with pyrite bio-oxidation, and this correlation is critically regulated by the pH conditions of the system.

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