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Study on the mechanism and reaction characteristics of metal-supported phosphogypsum as oxygen carrier in a chemical looping gasification application

Jinsuo Lu , Jing Yang , Yujie Ren , Shuoyu Chen


Received February 16, 2023,Revised , Accepted April 10, 2023, Available online April 20, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 428-438

This study aimed to explore the chemical looping gasification (CLG) reaction characteristics of the metal-supported composite phosphogypsum (PG) oxygen carriers (OCs) and the thermodynamic mechanism. The FactSage 7.1 thermodynamic simulation was used to explore the oxygen release and H2S removal mechanisms. The experimental results showed that the syngas yield of CLG with PG-CuFe2O4 was more than that with PG–Fe2O320/CuO40 or PG–Fe2O330/CuO30 OC at 1023 K when the water vapor content was 0.3. Furthermore, the maximum syngas yield of the CO selectivity was 70.3% and of the CO2 selectivity was 23.8%. The H2/CO value was 0.78, and the highest carbon conversion efficiency was 91.9% in PG-CuFe2O4 at the gasification temperature of 1073 K. The metal-supported PG composite oxygen carrier was proved not only as an oxygen carrier to participate in the preparation of syngas but also as a catalyst to catalyze coal gasification reactions. Furthermore, both the experimental results and FactSage 7.1 thermodynamic analysis revealed that the trapping mechanism of H2S by composite OCs was as follows: CuO first lost lattice oxygen as an oxygen carrier to generate Cu2O, which, in turn, reacted with H2S to generate Cu2S. This study provided efficient guidance and reference for OC design in CLG.

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