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Aluminum exposure impairs oocyte quality via subcellular structure disruption and DNA damage-related apoptosis in mice

Junli Wang , Hongge Li , Jingcai Liu , Weihua Nong , Mengying Shen , Sheng Dou , Shaochen Sun


Received February 05, 2023,Revised , Accepted April 10, 2023, Available online April 19, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 308-319

Aluminum (Al) can lead to an exposure of creature in varieties ways for its universality, and it could disturb normal physiological metabolism, with the damage to multisystem including reproduction. Since the oocyte quality is critical for female reproduction, we inspected the toxicity of Al on mouse oocyte maturation. We constructed in vitro exposure mouse model, and we found that 5 mmol/L Al had adverse effects on oocyte maturation by impairing organelle and cytoskeleton. Aberrant spindle and misaligned chromosomes which might be considered to be caused by elevated levels of acetylation, as well as abnormal distribution of actin dynamics could hinder normal meiosis of oocytes. Organelle dysfunction indicated that Al affected proteins synthesis, transport and digestion, which would further damage oocyte maturation. In order to explore the mechanism of Al toxicity, our further investigation demonstrated that Al caused mitochondrial dysfunction and imbalance calcium homeostasis, resulting in limited energy supply. Moreover, high level of reactive oxygen species, DNA damage and apoptosis caused by oxidative stress were also the manifestation of Al toxicity on oocytes. In conclusion, our study provided the evidence that Al exposure affected oocyte quality through its effects on spindle organization, actin dynamics, organelle function and the induction of DNA damage-related apoptosis with mouse model.

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