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Biochar-based materials as remediation strategy in petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soil and water: Performances, mechanisms, and environmental impact

Jim J. Wang , Zhuo Wei , Yi Wei , Yang Liu , Shuai Niu , Yaxi Xu , Jong-Hwan Park


Received March 01, 2023,Revised , Accepted April 12, 2023, Available online April 23, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 350-372

Petroleum contamination is considered as a major risk to the health of humans and environment. Biochars as low-cost and eco-friendly carbon materials, have been widely used for the removal of petroleum hydrocarbon in the environment. The purpose of this paper is to review the performance, mechanisms, and potential environmental toxicity of biochar, modified biochar and its integration use with other materials in petroleum contaminated soil and water. Specifically, the use of biochar in oil-contaminated water and soil as well as the factors that could influence the removal ability of biochar were systematically evaluated. In addition, the modification and integrated use of biochar for improving the removal efficiency were summarized from the aspects of sorption, biodegradation, chemical degradation, and reusability. Moreover, the functional impacts and associated ecotoxicity of pristine and modified biochars in various environments were demonstrated. Finally, some shortcoming of current approaches, and future research needs were provided for the future direction and challenges of modified biochar research. Overall, this paper gain insight into biochar application in petroleum remediation from the perspectives of performance enhancement and environmental sustainability.

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