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Effects of impregnation sequence on the NH3-SCR activity and hydrothermal stability of a Ce-Nb/SnO2 catalyst

Hong He , Ying Zhu , Wenpo Shan , Zhihua Lian , Jingjing Liu , Yan Zhang


Received March 04, 2023,Revised , Accepted April 26, 2023, Available online May 03, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 450-457

Hydrothermal stability is crucial for the practical application of deNOx catalyst on diesel vehicles, for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 (NH3-SCR). SnO2-based materials possess superior hydrothermal stability, which is attractive for the development of NH3-SCR catalyst. In this work, a series of Ce-Nb/SnO2 catalysts, with Ce and Nb loading on SnO2 support, were prepared by impregnation method. It was found that, the NH3-SCR activities and hydrothermal stabilities of the Ce-Nb/SnO2 catalysts significantly varied with the impregnation sequences, and the Ce-Nb(f)/SnO2 catalyst that firstly impregnated Nb and then impregnated Ce exhibited the best performance. The characterization results revealed that Ce-Nb(f)/SnO2 possessed appropriate acidity and redox capability. Furthermore, the strong synergistic effect between Nb and Sn species stabilized the structure and maintained the dispersion of acid sites. This study may provide a new understanding for the effect of impregnation sequence on activity and hydrothermal stability and a new environmental-friendly NH3-SCR catalyst with potential applications for NOx removal from diesel and hydrogen-fueled engines.

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