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Characteristics and sources of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) in the rural North China Plain: Results from 1-year continuous observations

Junfeng Liu , Xin Liu , Xiaowei He , Chenglong Zhang , Yifei Song , Shuyang Xie , Chengtang Liu , Pengfei Liu , Yuanyuan Zhang , Yujing Mu


Received March 01, 2023,Revised , Accepted April 26, 2023, Available online May 10, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 719-731

Peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) is an important photochemical pollutant in the troposphere, whereas long-term measurements are scarce in rural areas in North China Plain (NCP), resulting in unclear seasonal variations and sources of PAN in rural NCP. In this study, we conducted a 1-year observation of PAN during 2021-2022 at the rural NCP site. The average concentrations of PAN were 1.10, 0.75, 0.65, and 0.88 ppbv in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, respectively, with a 1-year average of 0.81 ± 0.60 ppbv. Calculations indicate that the loss of PAN through thermal decomposition in summer accounts for 43.2% of the total formed PAN, which is an important reason for the low concentration of PAN in summer. We speculate that since the correlation between PAN and O3 in winter is significantly lower than that in other seasons, the observed regional transport of PAN cannot be ignored in winter. Through budget analysis, regional transport accounted for 12.8% and 55.9% of the observed PAN on the spring and winter pollution days, respectively, which showed that regional transport played key roles during the photochemical pollution of the rural NCP in winter. The potential source contribution function revealed that the transported PAN mainly comes from southern Hebei in spring. In winter, the transported PAN was mainly from Langfang, Hengshui, and southern Beijing. Our findings may aid in understanding PAN variations in different seasons in rural areas and highlight the impact of regional transport on the PAN budget.

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