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Ferrihydrite transformation impacted by coprecipitation of lignin: Inhibition or facilitation?

Feiping Zhao , Lin Liu , Zhihui Yang , Weichun Yang , Wen Jiang , Qi Liao , Mengying Si


Received March 17, 2023,Revised , Accepted May 12, 2023, Available online May 20, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 23-33

Lignin is a common soil organic matter that is present in soils, but its effect on the transformation of ferrihydrite (Fh) remains unclear. Organic matter is generally assumed to inhibit Fh transformation. However, lignin can reduce Fh to Fe(II), in which Fe(II)-catalyzed Fh transformation occurs. Herein, the effects of lignin on Fh transformation were investigated at 75°C as a function of the lignin/Fh mass ratio (0-0.2), pH (4-8) and aging time (0-96 hr). The results of Fh-lignin samples (mass ratios = 0.1) aged at different pH values showed that for Fh-lignin the time of Fh transformation into secondary crystalline minerals was significantly shortened at pH 6 when compared with pure Fh, and the Fe(II)-accelerated transformation of Fh was strongly dependent on pH. Under pH 6, at low lignin/Fh mass ratios (0.05-0.1), the time of secondary mineral formation decreased with increasing lignin content. For high lignosulfonate-content material (lignin:Fh = 0.2), Fh did not transform into secondary minerals, indicating that lignin content plays a major role in Fh transformation. In addition, lignin affected the pathway of Fh transformation by inhibiting goethite formation and facilitating hematite formation. The effect of coprecipitation of lignin on Fh transformation should be useful in understanding the complex iron and carbon cycles in a soil environment.

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