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Improving anammox activity and reactor start-up speed by using CO2/NaHCO3 buffer

Longxin Li , Shaoan Cheng , Huahua Li , Xinyuan He , Hua Chen


Received February 23, 2023,Revised , Accepted May 12, 2023, Available online May 20, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 60-71

Anammox bacteria grow slowly and can be affected by large pH fluctuations. Using suitable buffers could make the start-up of anammox reactors easy and rapid. In this study, the effects of three kinds of buffers on the nitrogen removal and growth characteristics of anammox sludge were investigated. Reactors with CO2/NaHCO3 buffer solution (CCBS) performed the best in nitrogen removal, while 4-(2-hydroxyerhyl)piperazine-1-ethanesulfonic acid (HEPES) and phosphate buffer solution (PBS) inhibited the anammox activity. Reactors with 50 mmol/L CCBS could start up in 20 days, showing the specific anammox activity and anammox activity of 1.01±0.10 gN/(gVSS·day) and 0.83±0.06 kgN/(m3·day), respectively. Candidatus Kuenenia was the dominant anammox bacteria, with a relative abundance of 71.8%. Notably, anammox reactors could also start quickly by using 50 mmol/L CCBS under non-strict anaerobic conditions. These findings are meaningful for the quick start-up of engineered anammox reactors and prompt enrichment of anammox bacteria.

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