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Controllable chemical redox reactions to couple microbial degradation for organic contaminated sites remediation: A review

Lizhong Zhu , Bin Chen , Jiang Xu


Received March 24, 2023,Revised , Accepted June 10, 2023, Available online June 20, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 428-445

Global environmental concern over organic contaminated sites has been progressively conspicuous during the process of urbanization and industrial restructuring. While traditional physical or chemical remediation technologies may significantly destroy the soil structure and function, coupling moderate chemical degradation with microbial remediation becomes a potential way for the green, economic, and efficient remediation of contaminated sites. Hence, this work systematically elucidates why and how to couple chemical technology with microbial remediation, mainly focused on the controllable redox reactions of organic contaminants. The rational design of materials structure, selective generation of reactive oxygen species, and estimation of degradation pathway are described for chemical oxidation. Meanwhile, current progress on efficient and selective reductions of organic contaminants (i.e., dechlorination, defluorination, -NO2 reduction) is introduced. Combined with the microbial remediation of contaminated sites, several consideration factors of how to couple chemical and microbial remediation are proposed based on both fundamental and practical points of view. This review will advance the understanding and development of chemical-microbial coupled remediation for organic contaminated sites.

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