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Natural marmatite photocatalyst for treatment of mineral processing wastewater to help zero wastewater discharge

Yue Yang , Meirong Wu , Wei Sun , Xiangsong Meng , Jianhua Kang


Received May 22, 2023,Revised , Accepted July 04, 2023, Available online July 10, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 83-91

Mineral processing wastewater (MPW) with large discharge and high toxicity affects environmental safety, and the realizing zero discharge of MPW is of great significance for reducing environmental pollution, saving water resources, and promoting the sustainable development of the mining industry. In this study, we reported natural marmatite (NM) as a low-cost and efficient photocatalyst for the treatment of MPW to help zero wastewater discharge. The photocatalytic activity of NM was evaluated by the removal of total organic carbon (TOC) from MPW under visible-light illumination, and the optimal degradation conditions were discussed. Results showed that superoxide free radicals (·O2) were the dominant active species responsible for organic pollutants degradation, and 74.25% TOC removal was obtained after 120 min reaction under the optimum treatment conditions. Meanwhile, the wastewater treated by NM photocatalysis can be reused in the flotation system without adverse impact on the product index. Based on these findings, a model of zero wastewater discharge for flotation with the help of photocatalytic treatment was established, it indicated that the water of the whole system can be balanced without affecting the ore dressing index, which showed that visible light-driven photocatalyst has a promising application prospect in the treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater.

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