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Effect of oxide interactions on chromium speciation transformation during simulated municipal solid waste incineration

Junying Zhang , Guodong Zhao , Chong Tian , Peidong Wu , Xuguang Zhang , Zhikang Wang , Xiaoxiang Chen , Zhuo Xiong , Yongchun Zhao


Received August 20, 2023,Revised , Accepted November 02, 2023, Available online November 10, 2023

Volume 36,2024,Pages 11-20

Chromium released during municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) is toxic and carcinogenic. The removal of chromium from simulated MSWI flue gas by four sorbents (CaO, bamboo charcoal (BC), powdered activated carbon (PAC), and Al2O3) and the effects of four oxides (SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, and CaO) on chromium speciation transformation were investigated. The results showed that the removal rates of total Cr by the four sorbents were Al2O3 < CaO < PAC < BC, while the removal rates of Cr(VI) by the four sorbents were Al2O3 < PAC < BC < CaO. CaO had a strong oxidizing effect on Cr(III), while BC and PAC had a better-reducing effect on Cr(VI). SiO2 was better for the reduction of Na2CrO4 and K2CrO4 above 1000°C due to its strong acidity, and the addition of CaO significantly inhibited the reduction of Cr(VI). MgCrO4 decomposed above 700°C to form MgCr2O4, and the reaction between MgCrO4 and oxides also existed in the form of a more stable trivalent spinel. Furthermore, when investigating the effect of oxides on the oxidation of Cr(III) in CrCl3, it was discovered that CaO promoted the conversion of Cr(III) to Cr(VI), while the presence of chlorine caused chromium to exist in the form of Cr(V), and increasing the content of CaO and extending the heating time facilitated the oxidation of Cr(III). In addition, silicate, aluminate, and ferrite were generated after the addition of SiO2, Al2O3, and Fe2O3, which reduced the alkalinity of CaO and had an important role in inhibiting the oxidation of Cr(III). The acidic oxides can not only promote the reduction of Cr(VI) but also have an inhibitory effect on the oxidation of Cr(III) ascribed to alkali metals/alkaline earth metals, and the proportion of acidic oxides can be increased moderately to reduce the generation of harmful substances in the hazardous solid waste heat treatment.

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