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Comprehensive evaluation of an ionic liquid based deep purification process for NH3-containing industrial gas

Junhua Li , Guoxiong Zhan , Fei Cao , Jianjun Chen , Zhen Chen , Yuanmeng Duan , Fei Chang , Shaojuan Zeng , Yinge Bai , Zengxi Li , Xiangping Zhang


Received August 31, 2022,Revised , Accepted December 12, 2022, Available online December 20, 2022

Volume 36,2024,Pages 698-708

Ammonia (NH3) emission has caused serious environment issues and aroused worldwide concern. The emerging ionic liquid (IL) provides a greener way to efficiently capture NH3. This paper provides rigorous process simulation, optimization and assessment for a novel NH3 deep purification process using IL. The process was designed and investigated by simulation and optimization using ionic liquid [C4im][NTF2] as absorbent. Three objective functions, total purification cost (TPC), total process CO2 emission (TPCOE) and thermal efficiency (ηeff) were employed to optimize the absorption process. Process simulation and optimization results indicate that at same purification standard and recovery rate, the novel process can achieve lower cost and CO2 emission compared to benchmark process. After process optimization, the optimal functions can achieve 0.02726 $/Nm3 (TPC), 311.27 kg CO2/hr (TPCOE), and 52.21% (ηeff) for enhanced process. Moreover, compared with conventional process, novel process could decrease over $ 3 million of purification cost and 10000 tons of CO2 emission during the life cycle. The results provide a novel strategy and guidance for deep purification of NH3 capture.

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